In an effort to further improve the safety of our guests, the following additional protocols will go into effect Saturday, March 21st, 2020 at the Santiam Golf Club.

1 – In accordance with the social distancing rules set forth by Governor Brown, single riders ONLY will be permitted in all power carts including privately owned carts.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  In addition, no groups larger than ten, (even in outdoor spaces) are permitted to congregate before, during or following the round.

2 – Flags MUST remain in the cup at all times and are NOT permitted to be tended nor removed.  Violators may be subject to removal from the property.

3 – No more than eight persons (including staff)shall be permitted in the golf shop at any one time.  This number may further decrease as time goes on.

4 – Bunker rakes have been removed from all bunkers.  Play from bunkers shall proceed in the following manner:

Lift ball and smooth sand to satisfactory conditions with your foot.  Place ball as close as possible to original position.  Play on.   NO PENALTY!!

5 – We ask when possible to pay with credit or debit card to reduce the passing of bills and change.

6 – Beginning Sunday March 22nd, all putting green cups shall be raised to 1″ above the putting surface to further reduce communal surfaces.  A putt shall be deemed to have been holed if it touches the cup and remains within two feet of the raised cup.

Please keep in mind these protocols are being implemented to protect you, not inconvenience you.  Our goal is to remain open through this crisis to provide a recreational outlet for our members and the community.